Previous Puppies.....

We have met the most wonderful people adopting out our babies.
We KNOW they are in the most wonderful home imaginable!


Mia and AKC CH Tux's puppies are here!
Two cute boys and two adorable girls!






Bianca and AKC CH Tux's puppies are here! Two handsome boys and two adorable girls!

Congrats to: Mary, Sara, Hillary and Alexander!

Having a blast playing outside!

Izzie and AKC CH Honor After Six "Tux" puppies are here!

3 cute boys and 1 adorable girl.

Congrats to: Bobbie, Charles, Nicole and Dana



Darby X Geo's puppies have arrived.
One cute black and white male and one adorable brown and white female.




Presta and Geo's puppies are here!
Unbelievable SEVEN puppies. Six darling girls and one handsome fellow.
Five chocolates and two sables.

Having fun outside!




Darby and Geo's puppies have arrived. FOUR adorable girls!

Congrats to: Diane, Amber, Jill and Bob!






Presta and Geo's puppies are here!
FOUR adorable girls!! Congrats to: Cathy, Shirley, Rita and Aquisha!





Lanna and Geo's pups are here! Two adorable boys!

Congrats to: Christina and Linda



BB and Poncho's pups have arrived!
Three adorable girls! One black, one white and one cream.

Congrats to: Mark, Susan and Leslie!

I am so sweet and cute!

Presta and Geo's puppies are here!

Six puppies in total: Three girls and three boys.
Two chocolate and white girls and two chocolate and white boys.
One sable girl and one sable boy. Congrats to:
William, Sherry, Larry, Susan, Cindy and Diane!

The chocolate and white boy is SOLD!

Am I cute or what??







Demi and Geo's puppies are here.
Four puppies in total: Three boys and one girl. (white)
Demi adores her babies! Congrats to Craig, Ellisha (2) and Angie!





Bridgette Bardot (BB) and Geo's puppies have arrived!
One cute girl and one handsome boy. Congrats to Jennifer and Judi!

We are so precious!


New litter born Oct 1st, 2012. Parents are Darby and Geo.
One black and while female and one black and white male.

Congrats to the Vanschaick's and ME!

Does it get any cuter than this???

The precious little girl on the right is staying here with us!


Presta and Geo's puppies have arrived. Five puppies in all.
Three chocolate males, one brown sable male and one black and white female.
FYI: Chocolate Havanese have brown noses and hazel eyes.

Congrats to: Peggy, Gabby, Vicki, Kellie and Nancy.

Chocolate boy 1 - SOLD


Chocolate boy 2 *SOLD*


Chocolate boy 3 - SOLD

Sable boy *SOLD*

Tri female *SOLD*


Lanna and Poncho's little ones have arrived!
Three adorable champagne/white girls and one
black and white male. Lanna is a super mom!
Congrats to Gretchen, Kirk, Blair and Valles Family.

Black and white male

Girl 1

Girl 2

Girl 3 will be with my daughter, Blair.


BB and Geo's puppies have arrived!
Three handsome boys. Two black and white and
one white and champagne. BB loves these babies to pieces!

All pups are sold! Congrats to Janet, Ashley and Dr. Owens.


Tri colored males


white and champagne male



Winnie and Poncho's puppies have arrived One white female, one chocolate female and
one chocolate male. Congrats to: Shawna (2nd time adopter), Gigi and The Cantrell's.



White female




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