Harlequin's Giovanni Montero Caramba


We are so happy with our own home grown silver sable, Geo. He is the son of Carlos and Heather. Both his parents were imported from Europe and they have wonderful champion pedigrees! We know he will produce some outstanding
puppies with lots of color!


What an adorable puppy!!

Does it get any cuter than this??


Growing up fast!

Beautiful Sable Coat!


Did I mention how loving he is??


Click the link below to see Geo's entire pedigree with pictures of his relatives.




Geo's Dam

Majossayerdo-Szepe Bogyo

Heather's pedigree

Great Grandparents
Havasi Boncos Amigo Kamorhegyi Herbert
Mkovesd bajonka -Mkovesd Szepe A Maiden Effort's No Nonsense
Budavari Fekete Zelma
Havasi Boncos Heni "Lady Diana" HPJ-HFGY Wulson's Mortimer
Borsikai Selymes Sunny
Mojassayerdo-Szepe Akela Terezvarosi Szundi Freddy Mkovesd bajonka -Mkovesd Szepe A Maiden Effort's No Nonsense
Terezvarosi Szundi Alla
Black-Puppies Flonda Borisz
Kekdombi Nadja Bettina

Geo's Sire

Arany Juharlevel Carlos


Click pedigree for larger image