Puppy Supply List

Many of my adopters often ask me to give them a list of things they will need for their new puppy. So I decided I would place a list on my site for easy access to help you get started with your new bundle of joy! Now keep in mind these are basic supplies that I used with my new baby Cavaliers. You may have additional items you would like to purchase.

Here are some online places you can order supplies

www.chewy.com (my favorite)



They will also mail a catalog if you request it.


1. Crate - I suggest a medium crate so the puppy will never outgrow it. I also prefer the wire crate as opposed to shipping crates. 2 X 3 is a good size.

2. Blanket or Bedding - I love the fake lambskin beds you can buy for the crates. I prefer white/cream as you can wash them with a little bleach and they stay clean as a whistle not to mention bleach kills germs.

3. Toys - I start you off with one chew toy but you will need lots of these. Puppies are teething so they need lots of toys to chew on. I love the Kong chew toys. You can find them at most pet stores and they have puppy sizes. You can put a little peanut butter in it and the puppy will chew it for days! Make sure the toys are not too small that the puppy could swallow and choke on them.

4. Shampoo - I suggest baby shampoo or puppy shampoo for your puppy. It will be mild on their skin and also if you were to accidently get some in their eyes it would not burn them. You will need to use conditioner as well. Your new puppy will need to be bathed about once a week.

5. Combs/Brushes - I use a brush with prongs on one side and bristles on the other. I also have a metal comb that I use. You will need to brush your puppy daily. Their coats will grow really long and they will mat without constant brushing. You could also choose to keep them in a puppy cut which is much easier to maintain.

6. Puppy Food - I will start you with a sample bag of Royal Canin Mini Puppy. You can find it at most pet stores. I really love Royal Canin and so do my puppies. If you have another brand you prefer you can switch them over but it will need to be done gradually.

7. Water and Food Bowls - I use stainless steel bowls. I find the puppies love to chew the plastic ones.

8. Collar and Leash - Your puppy will not be leashed trained when you get him/her. They are so easy to keep up with at this young age but you will soon need to work on training. They are very easy to leash train. I suggest starting with a halter and retractable leash. You may have to get a cat halter for the puppy since they are so small. Once they get older and are fully trained then a regular collar works great.

9. Travel Crate - If you plan on doing any traveling with your puppy you may want to pick up a crate for this. There are travel crates that work great for cars and planes. Some are made of soft plastic and others made of the hard plastic. It would be your preference.

10. Nail Clippers - This is only if you feel comfortable clipping your puppy's nails. I use baby nail clippers which are in Wal Mart and most drug stores. You just have to make sure you do not clip their nails too short as it will hurt them and cause bleeding.

11. Toothbrush and toothpaste -If is imperative that you brush your puppy's teeth. Periodontal disease can lead to heart disease.

12. Q -Tips - These work great for cleaning out the puppies ears and around their eyes. When cleaning their ears be gentle and don't try to force the Q-Tip in too deep. If you do not feel comfortable with this you can always let your Vet do it or show you how.

13. Tweezers - The hair inside the Havanese needs to be plucked out on occasion. If you do not feel comfortable doing this you can let your Vet or groomer do this.

14. Towels - You may want to pick up a couple of extra towels for drying the puppy off after bathing. Or if you have an old towel that works fine too.

15. NuVet Plus Vitamins - I highly recommend these vitamins. All of my dogs are on NuVet Plus and I am very pleased with the results. From their shiny coats to their excellent vet checks these vitamins are great. I will give you a sample with your puppy pack but if you would like to order ahead click on this link.


This is all I can think of at the moment. If anything else comes to mind I will update.

Enjoy your new baby!!

God Bless!